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Croniment Corporation's U.S. Headquarters

Cronimet National Headquarters

Cronimet Corporations's U.S. headquarters,  a 13,265 square foot office building in Aliquippa, PA.  Petrus  Engineering and Ken Shiderly Construction teamed together for a complete  turn-key project.  The building is an example of  spacious and functional architecture that was designed with low  operating costs in mind.  The exterior walls were constructed using ICF technology,  with a striking split-faced masonry facade, which gives an effective  R-value of 43 and the solidness that only reinforced concrete walls can  give.  The HVAC is a state-of-the-art VRF (variable refrigerant flow)  system that is so efficient that for much of the year they are cooling  some of the zones in the buildinng by heating other zones (there are 29  zones in the building!).  The entire interior space is lit with highly  efficient and decorative LED lighting . . . giving both a natural and comfortable light as well as a very real power savings. 

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'Save a Lot' Supermarket


Horizon Management's 22,000 SF 'Save a Lot' supermarket in New Castle, PA. Petrus  Engineering completed the architectural and engineering design for  eight separate supermarkets. Their locations include: New Castle, Erie,  Meadville, Orwell (Ohio), Youngstown, Struthers, and McDonald. Our  expertise in mechanical design is demonstrated with the intricate  integration of the various refrigeration, plumbing, and humidity control systems. Petrus also has a broad array of experience in various retail stores and warehouse spaces. . . which can be effectively used for your store planning needs.

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Ward's Ridge

 Description coming soon.

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When the French cement giant Lafarge needed a PLC-based process control sysgtem  and a complete electrical power distribution design for their new  Pittsburgh distribution terminal, they came to Petrus Engineering for a  design-build system and full technical support all the way through their  start-up.  We provide turn-key process control systems that are either  analog or PLC-based for a multitude of industries. 

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The Brazilian environmental company, Essencis, announces the arrival of a new technology to Brazil. Petrus sold and completely refurbished this thermal desorption plant  to the largest landfill in South America (Essencis' Caieiras facility  near Sao Paulo). Petrus managed the onsite construction and worked with  the local environmental protection agency, CETESB, through the start-up  and performance test. Petrus has designed and operated a multitude of mineral and chemical processing facilities. 

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