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         'Dollar General' retail store in New Castle, PA                                          'McBride Beer' retail store in New Castle, PA

Whether you need a project design, a complete turn-key project management, or even if it's just one component of your overall design . . . Petrus Engineering has the experience and know-how to help you accomplish your vision for success. 


We constantly keep our client's vision in mind when we work with their municipality to submit an economical and compliant Land Development Plan.  Strategic areas that typically are addressed are zoning requirements, stormwater management, E&S control., grading plan, landscaping, signage, off-street parking and exterior lighting.  We are also a PennDOT business partner and will work to secure a Highway Occupancy Permit (HOP), if required. 


Effective site planning is not only critical for establishing the most economical budget but is a necessary step to maximizing the aesthetic and functional components of the site.  Typical site planning issues that are addressed are building(s) size and location(s), utility connections, sanitary system design and permitting, and integrating all of the approved requirements of the Land Development Plan.


Your project's structural plan typically includes the dimensioned plan and elevations for the foundation, walls, framing, and the roof.  We can select from many types of building materials, including concrete, masonry, steel and timber.  As a former ASTM technical subcommittee member for both cement (C-1) and concrete (C-9) and QC manager of a cement manufacturing plant, Petrus brings a unique expertise and understanding of functional concrete and masonry design.


We will work with you to develop a functional, code-compliant floorplan that fits both your intended use as well as your budget.  Petrus can meet with your building committee, at the onset of the project, and consolidate everyone's thoughts to produce conceptual and final floorplans.  Exterior aesthetics, finish details, materials selection, and a seamless integration of all the components are all areas of intense focus as your design is completed. 

Petrus can also produce architectural renderings and/or 3-D animated 'walkthroughs' which are crucial aids in a fund-raising campaign, or even as a design tool.

          Rendering of Cronimet Office Building                                                           Rendering of interior entrance space



Depending on your space's use, budget and desired comfort levels, we can design either forced air, radiant, hydronic, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) and a multitude of air distribution systems. Petrus was trained and certified by ASHRAE in a wide assortment of HVAC and refrigeration systems' design.


Our electrical design capabilities include detailed power distribution systems, lighting plans, data & telephone systems and process control systems. Our design experience includes heavy and light industry, mining, and commercial applications.

We also offer complete design/build process control systems that are either PLC or analog control panels. 
Petrus is a licensed systems integrator, utilizing Allen-Bradley ladder logic (i.e. RSLogix software) and MMI interactive graphics programming (i.e. RSView software).


We can not only design and erect your industrial building's shell, but design much of the internal infrastructure necessary for your operation. As a senior process engineer at Air Products and Chemicals, Petrus has a wealth of experience in the design of petrochemical and industrial gas plants. Some of the client facilities include Shell Oil (Geismar, LA), Exxon Mobil's Paulsboro refinery, and FMC (Baltimore, MD).   This expertise is benefiecial to your project's piping, material handling, and manufacturing process design.

         Construction activity at Castle Builders ready mix plant                          Cronimet's hydraulic baler in Aliquippa, PA

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